Piper Anderson 


Piper Anderson is a storyteller, coach, and facilitator. In spring 2016, Anderson was awarded a TED Residency to develop an innovative storytelling project called Mass Story Lab. Mass Story Lab has traveled to more than thirteen U.S cities making the stories of people impacted by incarceration an instrument of justice. In her TED Talk, "Can Stories Create Justice?”, she challenges us to throw out punitive notions of justice and imagine a system that builds and restores humanity. Best known for her masterful facilitation, she is in high demand nationally for her training, speaking, and consulting with institutions on how to make workplaces and communities more inclusive and equitable.  With growing urgency within our culture on how to engage across difference, Fast Company turned to Anderson for her best strategies on how to facilitate difficult conversations. Piper Anderson is a Professor at NYU’s Gallatin School and a founding member of the advisory board and faculty of NYU’s Prison Education Program. She has guest lectured at universities across the country including Harvard Law, Columbia University, Georgetown, and the New School. She is a New School Writing Democracy Fellow,  a Culture Push Fellow for Utopian Practice, and a Civic Hall Organizer in Residence. Piper Anderson has dedicated her life to providing leaders with the generative spaces and tools they need to define and build the kinds of communities they want to live and work in.

Piper is available for speaking engagements nationally.

Aaliyah West

Administrative Assistant

Aaliyah is a writer, performing artist, and the administrative assistant at Create Forward. Aaliyah received a Bachelor's degree in Politics from the New School in 2017, and much of her academic work dealt with social justice, specifically the lack of autonomy of minority communities, and prejudice in the criminal justice system. She has been especially passionate about the intersection of the performing arts and activism for the last 10 years. A performing artist from a young age, Aaliyah has participated in productions bringing awareness to police brutality, and race relations in America. She is an advocate for a variety of routes to optimum human wellness. She believes that fighting for who you are entails relearning most of society’s microaggressive layers and taking care of yourself in all ways. Always. By taking responsibility for your own education, you may then better advocate for those who can not advocate for themselves. Now, she is working on bringing theories into reality and on a mission to liberate black and brown bodies from external and internal limitations. 

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Regina Campbell

Project Management Lead

Regina Campbell is an educator, environmentalist, and the Project Administrator at Create Forward. She has spent the last 18 years working with groups of people from elementary to high school to adult learners, encouraging a culture of learning that values mutual responsibility and respect. Regina worked internationally to hone her leadership effectiveness and develop her ability to expand global/cultural awareness and equip youth with the necessary skills for global success. She dedicated four years to service leadership in Belize, developing educational systems for youth and creating economic opportunities for women. Since her return to the United States, Regina has been working to break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and low expectations by helping families in low-income communities rise above poverty by addressing the greatest barriers to lasting success through education and career programs.