Piper Anderson 

Founder/Chief Creative Strategist

Piper Anderson, is a writer, educator, and Founder/Chief Creative Strategist at CREATE FORWARD. Piper has spent more than fifteen years designing cultural organizing projects to end to the mass incarceration/criminalization of communities of color. In 2016, she was awarded a TED Residency. The residency is an incubator for breakthrough ideas. While at TED Anderson developed Mass Story Lab, a national storytelling project on the impact of incarceration. Her TED Talk, "Can Stories Create Justice?" documents the role of storytelling in creating transformative social change. 

Nandhi Honwana

Project Assistant

Nandhi Honwana is a writer, activist, and the Project Assistant at Create Forward. Since graduating from Bard College as a Literature major, Nandhi has continued to explore her passion for storytelling through her work with NYC-based social justice organizations. Through her focus on the Communications practices of these organizations, Nandhi has developed an interest in the intersection between art and activism. While her efforts for social change began in education and immigration reform, gender and racial equality, Nandhi’s work with Create Forward has expanded her advocacy aims to the equity of the US criminal justice system.

Nandhi Honwana