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Facilitative Leadership

10-month Coaching Program

Facilitation is an essential 21st century leadership skill that is not often prioritized enough.

Most often, when we think of leaders we imagine the charismatic compelling speaker who motivates everyone to put in work to realize their vision. But today creating sustainable change within your institutions or in communities requires a facilitative approach to leadership. 

Sometimes that looks like effectively leading meetings and teams and other times that looks like facilitating adaptive change within complex systems and institutions trying to remain effective in a rapidly evolving world.

Create Forward’s Leadership Coaching Program is an incubator for cultivating those essential capacities of facilitative leadership.

In this program you will:

·     Learn to apply your skills as a facilitator to create organizational change.

·      Share power and cultivate the leadership capacities of the people around you.

·      Learn to see challenges as opportunities in disguise.

·      Cultivate durable partnerships that deepen and thrive through reflexive collaboration.

 What You Can Expect:

·      A customized individual program defined by the goals you have identified for your leadership and personal development.

·      Daily practices to begin immediately applying what you discover into your life and work.

·      Take new risks to advance your vision for your leadership with support, as you work through challenges and opportunities that surface in real time.

 Commitment: 10-sessions (5-months) option of 1 free (2hr) follow-up session within six months of completing of the program.

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