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Mass Story Lab Spring 2019 Research Fellowship

Create Forward is a social impact firm harnessing the power of storytelling and design to deliver experiences that advance equity and justice. Since 2016 our signature initiative has been Mass Story Lab, a participatory storytelling project making the narratives of people directly impacted by incarceration an instrument of justice. MSL has traveled to 13 cities over the last three years and as the project comes to completion in 2019, we’re beginning to document the impact of the work and codify a set of practices that can be disseminated to the field and support the development of new initiatives. The role of the research fellow will be to synthesize our key lessons and help to devise theory and practice to advance strategies for cultural organizing to end mass incarceration.

What You Get to Accomplish:

·     Complete impact interviews with storytellers and partners around the country who have participated in Mass Story Lab over the last three years. 

·     Participate in the planning of 2019 Mass Story Lab events to understand the process and contribute to devising a detailed planning guide for distribution. 

·     Attend 2019 story labs events to observe and document the process. 

·     Translate research and analysis into a set of resources for community practitioners to engage in organizing efforts driven by storytelling and creative practice.  

·     Write a final report on the impact of Mass Story Lab with key insights and practices for dissemination to the field.

Ideal Candidate:

·     Strong written and verbal communication skills

·     Demonstrated commitment to racial justice by ending mass incarceration

·     Experience with a range of qualitative research methods 

·     Ability to translate research into accessible resources for non-academic audiences

·     Self-motivated and able to work independently 

More info about Mass Story Lab: http://www.massstorylab.com

Time Commitment: 15-hr per week. February-May

Stipend: Fellows receive an $2000 stipend for the 4-month fellowship ($500 per month).


Please submit a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to nandhi@create-forward.com